Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pencil, Paper & Photoshop - Kolkata

The inspiration for this assignment is Kolkata's famous architecture, mode of transportation and elements. The medium of these sketches are pencil and paper. And later on enhanced digitally in Photoshop.

Above : The inspirations. E.g. Howrah bridge, Victoria Memorial hall, Yellow taxi, Hand-drawn rickshaw, Horse carriage etc.

 Architecture : Howrah Bridge | Mode of transportation : Yellow Taxi

Architecture : Victoria Memorial Hall | Mode of transportation : Yellow Taxi

Architecture : Victoria Memorial Hall | Mode of transportation : Horse Carriage

Architecture : Victoria Memorial Hall (An iconic element picked up from the main gate; a man riding horse) | Mode of transportation : Yellow Taxi

Thursday, April 18, 2013


It's been long since the last post. Well been busy :)

These sketches are a ground work for an illustration book (my dream project) that I want to design. I mostly wanted to experiment with the hand drawn sketches and add a hint of water colors and then digitalize it with more effects.

Hoping to initiate my project sooner.

Medium: Paper, Pencil, Photoshop

Medium: Paper, Pencil, Photoshop

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pencil and Paper, Aimless Drawing

It's been long that I have posted something!  Today I will be posting some of my sketches and doodles done over the years. Initially I was really inclined towards Manga and Animation Sketching when I just joined my discipline in the Design Institute. But then gradually tried my hand at different subjects, e.g. Fashion Figure Illustration, Stick figure drawing, Colour Pencil Sketching, Doodles and free-hand sketching of architectures. Most of them are doodles and not the best kind of art. 

Today I will be posting all the phases of my sketches have gone through. :)
Medium: Pencil

Medium: Pencil

Medium: Colour Pencil

Medium: Colour Pencil

Medium: Colour Pencil

Medium: Colour Pencil

Medium: Colour Pencil

Medium: Colour Pencil

Medium: Pencil

Swan Queen!

Inspired from the movie "Black Swan".
My sketch features the white swan.

Medium: Colour Pencil, Texture Paper

A theme based Sketch! 
Warrior Princess having Gautam Buddha at the backdrop!
 Quite Contradictory! Well that was the theme!
Medium: Charcoal Pencil

Fashion Figures drawn during Draping module.
The theme was "Mohiniyattam"!
Medium: Colour Pencil

Some random sketches. Just tried to copy garments from magazine on croquis.
Medium: Colour Pencil and Pencil

Medium: Pencil, Markers

Medium: Pencil, Markers

Medium: Pencil, Paper and Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop

Monday, August 1, 2011

Around the Nuke & Corner of Pune

The City of Joy

Last time I visited Kolkata-2 months ago,re-united with an old friend and some good old memory,some sweet nostalgia.
These are some pictures from my trip.Some favourites....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Photography: Around my College Campus

Audrey Hepburn,the fashion diva of all time :)...Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey!!

Love her dress,love her jewelleries.One of my favourite fashion Icons!

2nd Year during Visual Merchandising Module in classroom

Akshar Mahotsab

A favourite occassion at our college which celebrates the joy of calligraphy with the foundation students.
A wild and fun experience.. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Fresh & New Start

I was thinking about my first post,what to post,what to write? 

But I somewhere skipped that I promised to leave my trail behind with my style,my behavior,my personality. The likes of mine. The one I could thought about was a major assignment done by me and some of my classmates in 6th Semester which is somehow very special to me.

This was a hypothetical project done for a jewellery brand. I love jewelleries, I love Big Fat Indian Weddings and I love Brides. It is my all time passion and favorite topic to look at when I am sad even I am happy,even when I look for some inspiration.

The photo shoot was based on four words and emotions of a woman's life: Class, Commitment, Love and Tradition.






Amrita Ganguly(Art Direction,Editing)
Sejal Bhansali,Sidhata Lunawat(Resourcing)
Priya Parekh(Art Direction and Props)
Hansraj(Photogrpahy and Lighting)